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Specification of Canon MAXIFY MB5170
Performance and Speed For The Small Business

High -speed printer that can handle heavy duty usage with its large-capacity cartridge

Machine Type Maxify Printer
Printing: Document: Colour: ESAT / Simplex 15.5ipm Document: Colour: Maximum 26.5ppm*2 Document: B / W: ESAT / Simplex 24.0ipm Document: B / W: Maximum 32.5ppm*2 Document: Colour: ESAT / Duplex 9.5ipm Document: B / W: ESAT / Duplex 13.0ipm Document: Colour: FPOT Ready / Simplex 7s Document: B / W: FPOT Ready / Simplex 6s Document: Colour: FPOT Sleep / Simplex 12s Document: B / W: FPOT Sleep / Simplex 10s
Scanning: Document (ADF): Colour scESAT30sA / Simplex 16.0ipm Document (ADF): B / W scESAT30sA / Simplex 19.0ipm Document (ADF): Colour scESAT30sA / Duplex 23.0ipm Document (ADF): B / W scESAT30sA / Duplex 23.0ipm Document (ADF): Colour scEFTP30sF / Simplex 15.0ipm Document (ADF): B / W scEFTP30sF / Simplex 17.5ipm Document (ADF): Colour scEFTP30sF / Duplex 21.0ipm Document (ADF): B / W scEFTP30sF / Duplex 21.5ipm
USB USB A Port USB flash memory USB B Port USB 2.0 High Speed
Paper Output75 pages (A4, LTR, LGL)


Single Pass 2-Sided Scan

Increase scanning efficiency for double-sided documents with the integration of two Contact Image Sensors (CIS). This new scanning technolgy enables quality scans with maximum productivity.

Marker and Highlighter Resistant Documents

The high density pigment ink not only produces crisp and sharp text, it is also water and highlighter resistant.

Status / Error Email Notification

With status / error email notification, time can be saved on checking individual printers’ status by presetting administor’s email address to receive status and errors notification.

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