/ imageRUNNER 2600 Series

Specification of Canon imageRUNNER 2600 Series

Robust A3 device built for productivity

With personalised user workflows, advanced security features and cost control capabilities, the iR2600 is the ultimate document solution device designed for the modern office environment.

Model available:

  • Canon imagerunner 2625: 25 ppm
  • Canon imagerunner 2630: 30 ppm
  • Canon imagerunner 2645: 45 ppm


A3 Monochrome Laser Multifunctional

Installation Spaces(w*D)

iR 2645/2635: 1363 x 1269 mm (with DADF-BA1)*4 iR 2630/2625: 1363 x 1273 mm (with DADF-AZ1)*4 iR 2625: 1363 x 1260 mm (with Platen Cover type Z)*4 25W

DADF-BA1: 1-sided Scanning: 55/55 (BW/CL; 300 dpi), 45 (BW; 600 dpi) 2-sided Scanning: 27.5/27.5 ((BW/CL; 300 dpi), 22.5 (BW; 600 dpi)

DADF-AZ1: 1-sided Scanning:35/25 (BW/CL; 300 dpi), 25 (BW; 600 dpi) 2-sided Scanning:12/8 (BW/CL; 300 dpi), 8 (BW; 600 dpi)

Standard: 2.0GB RAM

Standard: iR 2645/2635: 68.3kg without toner iR 2630/2625: 66.8kg without toner

Copy: 600 x 600 Send: (Push) up to 600 x 600, (Pull) up to 600 x 600 Fax: up to 600 x 600

iR 2645/2635: 586 x 709 x 926 mm (with DADF-BA1)*3 iR 2630/2625: 586 x 713 x 912 mm (with DADF-AZ1)*3 iR 2625: 586 x 700 x 818 mm (with Platen Cover type Z)*3

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Advanced Personalisation

With a 7 inch colour control panel, the iR2600i Series offers an intuitive interface designed to simplify your work process. Customise workflows tailored to individual preferences to speed up daily tasks.



Enhanced Security

Protect your device, data and network with a multilayer security offering. iR2600 Series integrates with third party Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems to help provide insights into potential threats. These devices also include latest technology to verify that the device boot process, firmware, and applications initialise without alterations or tampering.

Cloud Control

Maximise your investments with uniFLOW Online Express, our cloud-based print management solution. Track and assess print, copy, scan, and fax usage and allocate costs to departments or projects.